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Residents of Thurloxton and adjoining hamlets 


For some extra space during CV19, please enjoy the fields and margins of Keirles Farm during the winter of 2020/21, subject to a few rules;

 In cropped fields, keep to the edges.

 In grass fields, keep away from sheep and close gates.

 If you see or hear working machines, keep away.

 The farmyard and fruit field are out of bounds.

 The Green bit is the valley of grass, from the footpath opposite the church, go down over the stream and turn right.

The Yellow fields grew oilseed rape last year, now wheat, the footpath behind the book exchange runs up to these fields.

The Blue is the 5 fields between Thurloxton and Shearston, now drilled with wheat.

The Red field is the Holly orchard, on your right if heading to Coombe.

The pink dots are access.

We hope you enjoy the fields, please be sensible.

I reserve the right to close it at any time, but hope to keep it open until we are all back to normal.

If you have any questions, or see any problems, give me (Andrew) a ring on 07970 858536  or use contact form below.


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 Our Farm 

As well as fruit, ( ) we grow wheat and oilseeds on the farm and run two flocks of sheep and an orchard of 1200 holly trees, which we harvest every Christmas for the berried foliage.
The wheat and oilseed rape( the fields of yellow flowers) are planted in the autumn using zero tillage (conservation agriculture) in out quest to improve the naturally shallow and hungry soils that rise into the Quantock hills above the fruit farm.
In the spring we plant the linseed ( the pretty blue flower seen in June ) and peas.
The crops are harvested in the summer using the combine harvester, the seeds stored for use in the winter as cattle feed, vegetable oils and linseed oil.
The sheep graze the steep valleys of grass. We have North country mules from Cumbria and a small flock of Ouessants, a French breed of sheep, the smallest sheep in the world, that graze the grass under the tabletop strawberries.

Pumpkins at Thurloxton

This year we are growing pumpkins for Halloween.
Come and join us in October for a spooky walk, games, PYO pumpkins and a carving tent.